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song: Penny & the Quarters ‘You and Me’

Friday, March 4th, 2011

No record of who wrote the song, whose voices grace it, or even what year it was put to tape.  So much we do not know.  Yet ‘You and Me’ speaks volumes and says so much: the passion, the yearning, and the ineffable feeling that it conveys through such meager means.  In fact, a lone acoustic guitar – weathered and washed out – is the only instrumentation.  It sets the tempo and guides the melody, but the voices are what lift the song to life.

A female voice – Penny, we can only assume – takes the lead, weaving a melody worthy of a number one single with words of love and adoration.  Three or four male vocalists fill in all other necessary areas: layering harmonies and echoing the verses in a way that makes ‘You and Me’ seem much fuller than it actually is.  It ties the loose strands of doo wop, soul, and gospel into an exuberant whole that has gained notoriety recently by appearing in the exceptional indie film ‘Blue Valentine.’  So much more could be said, especially since ‘Blue Valentine’ was one of my favorite films of the past couple years and the Numero Group, the archival label that discovered this early ‘70s gem, has risen to be the premier curators of all things soul, garage, and folk.  But for now the wonderful sounds of ‘You and Me’ will more than suffice.

Hear it below.  Then get the anthology at the Numero Group.