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song: Dr. Dog ‘Lonesome’

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Like many ‘60s pop groups, the lyrics of ‘Lonesome’ belie the joyous and upbeat lilt the song takes on.  It is this era that the band has been bound to throughout the course of seven full-length albums, often cribbing styles and borrowing passages from some of the most celebrated bands in history, including The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and The Band.  Yet, ‘Lonesome,’ the lead track from ‘Be the Void,’ harkens back even further into musical history.  With a percussive stomp that could have been sourced from a raucous saloon and a backwoods blues guitar that creaks and scratches a memorable melody through the song’s three minute tenure, Dr. Dog diverge and expand from their previous influences.

The rest of the album is, admittedly, a bit uneven, but ‘Lonesome’ has a certain magnetism that has been hard for me to resist since its release in early February.  The band, now expanded to a six-piece, feels vibrant, loose, and compelling in ways I hadn’t previously envisioned.  And, even if it’s just for a solitary song, that’s something I’ll hold onto.

Hear ‘Lonesome’ below and visit Anti- to order.