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film: Charles Ferguson ‘Inside Job’

Friday, January 14th, 2011

The title ‘Inside Job’ recalls heist movies and hard to fathom storylines akin to the ‘Oceans 11’ collective.  In truth, this documentary is about a heist in a very real form most of the world has felt: the 2008 global recession in which investment bankers, rating agencies, government officials, and high ranking CEOs colluded to fatten their pockets at the world’s expense.  This is no conspiracy theory or left-wing propaganda; in fact, all of this information is documented with signed contracts, news clips, passed Congressional bills, interviews, and bank statements.  The way in which Charles Ferguson synthesizes all these facts is the key to the film, much like he did with the equally stunning ‘No End in Sight’ which chronicled the Bush administration’s miscues in fueling the war in Iraq.

It’s extremely meticulous in both its research and explanation, thorough in its argument and presentation.  But the film’s greatest asset is the clarity in which it prosecutes and damns, especially given how intentionally convoluted the subject matter is.  Ferguson utilizes graphs, diagrams, illustrations, and striking aerial shots to properly capture how pervasive and all-consuming this financial crisis truly is.  It’s virtually impossible to present a summation of these facts, but here’s the one I was ultimately left with: this is an important film and one that paints our future with caution.

Read more and find out where the film is playing at its official site.