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Seefeel ‘Faults’

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Seefeel, in their original early ‘90s incarnation, were a band I could never quite wrap my mind around: their dance and electronic inclinations outstripped their feel for glorious atmospherics and warped pop smarts.  While many championed them for exactly that, I was not among them, but they have since turned that description on its head with a renewed sense of ingenuity and focus.

The band fell out of the public eye for over a decade and reconvened (while adding former Boredoms drummer Iida Kazuhisa) at a Warp Records event in 2008.  The ‘Faults’ EP and their early ’11 full-length were the recorded outcome of this reunion and ‘Faults’ prevails with a different approach to the same material.  Rhythms are heavy and puncture the silence, effected debris comes out melodic, and vocals are slurred into an amorphous haze.  Yet everything is composed and tightly wound and the resulting sound is one of a delirious pop band that seems to thrillingly elude any easy categorization.  ‘Faults’ only contains four songs, but it’s kept me routinely curious and enraptured.

More info at Warp and listen to the title track below.